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Looking out over the Sandbar

Key West Sandbar Anchoring — How To Anchor and Sandbar Etiquette for a Stress-Free Excursion

It’s easy to think that anchoring at the sandbar involves nothing more than getting out there and dropping a big...

Sawfish in Key West

Endangered Sawfish Spotted in Key West

Have you ever imagined stumbling upon a rare gem in a vast ocean of uncertainty? Picture this: a glimpse of...

Bad weather in Key West

Captain Zak’s Tips: Top 10 Things to Do in Key West on a Rainy Day

Key West has a dirty little secret that the tourism board and hotels don’t want you to know about. Before...

Overseas Highway

The Florida Keys’ Famous Overseas Highway — The Historyof US 1 and Why It’s a Road

There aren’t too many tropical island paradises that you can drive to. Thanks to the historic asphalt lanes called the...

Key West Lobster Pizza

Who Has the Best Pizza in Key West?

Pizza, is there a more controversial topic? Keep it down, all you New Yorkers, Chicagoans, and Italians out there. Key...

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