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Exploring 6 incredible Sandbars in Key West

When it comes to sandbars in Key West, we have no shortage of choices.   Every sandbar has a claim to be the best sandbar in the Florida Keys.  The truth is, the best one is the one that is perfect for the day itself.  Read on and we will cover 6 incredible sandbars in key west and why you need to check them out on your next Key West Vacation.

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Snipes Point

Snipes Point Sandbar is located about 10 miles to the North East of Key West, Florida. Located on the Gulf of Mexico where open water meets the keys, it can be accessed only by boat. Its relatively close proximity to the mainland makes it a convenient destination for visitors looking to explore the sandbar’s white sand and crystal-clear waters.

This sandbar varies in depth from 4 feet below the surface to exposed sand at low tide. Low tide at Snipes Point Sandbar is an experience not to be missed when you’re in the keys. This is the largest sandbar and a favorite spot for locals on the weekend looking to get away from Key West.

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What is the best time to Visit Snipes point?

The best time to check out Snipes really depends on what sort of experience you are looking for. On weekends in the summer, Snipe Point is the spot for huge sandbar parties. However, on a weekday morning in the winter months, it is likely that you could have the whole place to yourself.

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy vacation photo, Snipes Sandbar is the place to be. It’s home to the Florida Keys Sandbar Swing. The swing is right by the water when the tide is high, but it’s completely dry when the tide is low. That means you can get super cool and creative photos there!

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Jewfish Basin Sandbar

As you head north from Jewfish Basin towards the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll come across countless patches of shimmering water breaking up the vast stretches of open sea. These bright patches show the sandbars just below the surface as you approach.

The sandbar in Jewfish Basin is between two tidal channels with moderate boat traffic going to the Gulf during the day. Due to the tides in this area it is important to watch the tide as you may find yourself sitting dry on the sand as the current slows and it nears low tide.

This oasis in the middle of a large bay in the Florida Keys is a surreal experience. With no islands in any direction for miles it is almost as if you are walking on water at times. This spot is great for birdwatching, as Great White Herons frequent the area.

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Woman Key Sandbar

If you depart from Key West Harbor, it will take you approximately 40 minutes by boat to reach this amazing sandbar situated at the westernmost tip of the Florida Keys. This sandbar sits on the south side of Woman Key, Just to the west of Ballast Key.

The ideal day to visit this sandbar would mean that the wind direction is out of the North, or North East. I would avoid this Key West Sandbar on any day with South wind, as the wave action makes it unbearable.

Woman Key Sandbar in Key West Florida

Woman Key is one of the best sandbars in Key West. The enchanting turquoise color of the water, which can only be witnessed at this particular location, is what sets it apart. The wave action from the Atlantic has brought in this soft white sandbar.

It’s not just you and me who love this sandbar. It’s a beloved spot for various wildlife too. Most days you will be able to find hundreds of Conch Shells littering the grass just north of the sandbars. Southern Stingrays make their way across this sandbar regularly, making this a great spot to swim with stingrays in Key West.

Boca Grande Key Sandbar

Woman Key Sandbar

Boca Grande Key is home to an incredible beach and sandbar just off to the north and west sides of the island. It is access able either from the North via Lakes Passage or from the South by taking the Atlantic Ocean to the island paradise.

If you are looking for that private island experience you will want to make sure to check this sandbar out. Boca Grande Sandbar is the ideal spot to take a long walk down the beach and check out the lone palm tree, or what has washed up overnight.

This spot is ideal if you are looking to get some snorkeling as well. Heading back through to the Lakes Passage Channel you will find two wrecks sitting in just 10 feet of water which hold some incredible fish and corals.

Shipwreck off Key West

Mud Key Sandbars

If you’re interested in exploring mangroves, be sure to check out the Mud Keys Sandbars. These small sandbars are hidden among the Mangrove islands near Jewfish Basin, away from view of passing traffic.

The mangrove islands which surround these sandbars make for excellent protection from the wind on those gusty days. Most of the sandbars in the Mud Keys are only big enough to hold a couple of boats, so if you are looking for the party, its not here.

For all of those birders out there this is your spot. Nestled in the Great White Herron National Wildlife Refuge the Mud Keys Sandbars are home to all sorts of birdlife including: Kingfishers, Ibis, Osprey and more!

Mud Key Sandbar

Boca Chica Key

A sandbar that is very popular on days with wind out of the North is Boca Chica Sandbar. This sandbar lies just to the south of the runway for NAS Key West on Boca Chica. To get here just head to the East of the Boca Chica Channel and anchor in 3-4 feet on the sand just off the beach.

This Sandbar in Key West is a popular spot for Jetski Tours in Key West. Boca Chica Sandbar is the nearest sandbar to Key West and is highly favored by locals who want a quick swim or fishermen returning with their day’s catch.

This sandbar sits just yards from the runways at NAS Key West. If you are into military Aviation this is going to be a spot you wont want to leave. Sitting on the sandbar you can regularly see F-22’s F-35’s and sometimes even the Osprey’s.

Boca Chica Sandbar

Sit back and relax on the Sandbars in Key West ​

Don’t stress about choosing which sandbar you should visit on your next trip to Key West. They are all great for their own reasons, and lets be real, the wind will choose for us. If you’re looking to have a great day out on the water visiting the sandbars in Key West give Captain Zak a call and he will make sure you have a blast.

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