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Key West Lobster Pizza

Who Has the Best Pizza in Key West?

Pizza, is there a more controversial topic? Keep it down, all you New Yorkers, Chicagoans, and Italians out there. Key West has entered the ring and is ready to battle it out for the best pizza in the world

That’s right, the world! Because, and here’s the thing: When you’re sitting in Key West, looking out at the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins frolicking, and the Green Flash suddenly lights up your life, who remembers the pizza? You’re in Key West! The pizza was there, and now it isn’t—and you’re somehow not hungry anymore. But did you see those dolphins?

But in all seriousness, for those of you who are more interested in the food than the Green Flash with dolphins, the pizza is pretty darn good, too. Here’s a look at your options for the best pizza in Key West.

Key West Lobster Pizza

Best Pizza in Key West Florida

There are tons of places to grab a slice of pie in Key West and not just Key Lime Pie. From counter grab-and-go pizza-by-the-slice joints to fancy-pants sit-down-and-eat pizzerias, Key West has a pizza for every palette. Here are five, but there are tons more on our little island to be discovered.

Best Pizza in Key West

Duetto Pizza and Gelato

540 Greene Street

Owner Alberto Ricci graduated from culinary school in Cervia, Italy, and worked in several New York City restaurants before moving to Key West. Duetto serves Italian thin-crust pie, one of the favorites around town. There are also vegan and gluten-free options, along with calzones and paninis.

You can order by the slice or get a whole pie, and they do takeout or dine-in. Their gelato makes the perfect dessert. 

Mr Z's Old Town

501 Southard Street, https://www.mrzscheesesteaks.com/home/keywest/ 

Mr Z’s is known for their hot and cold sandwiches (cheesesteaks!), pizzas, and strombolis. Can’t make up your mind? How about the cheesesteak pizza! Own Mike Z is originally from Philly, so yeah, the cheesesteak is where it’s at. 

Mr Z’s is open until 1 am every night, so it’s the perfect spot to grab a slice after a long crawl down Duval. It’s a grab-it-at-the-counter kind of place: whole pizzas or just a slice. 

Onlywood Pizzeria & Trattoria

613-1/2 Duval Street, https://www.onlywoodkw.com 

Looking for a slightly more formal meal experience to mow down your pie? Head over to Onlywood for a nice sit-down restaurant experience with outstanding pizza. As the name hints, this is an authentic wood-fired pizza joint with plenty of other great Italian staples, like, well, pasta! The pizza oven was imported from Italy, with bricks made from lava from Mount Vesuvius! It reaches 1,000 degrees, the just-right temperature for proper Neapolitan pizza. They even make their own Mozzarella!

Don’t miss the tiramisu or Nutella pizza for dessert! Onlywood delivers, but only up to White Street in Old Town during dinner time (305-735-4412).

Roostica Wood-Fire Pizzeria

5620 Macdonald Avenue (Stock Island), https://www.roostica.com

Can it be the best pizza place in Key West if it’s over the bridge in Stock Island? I think so, but only if it’s really good. Roostica makes authentic Neapolitan pizza in its wood pizza oven. It also offers pizzas, subs, grinders, and nightly dinner specials. You can custom-make your pizza, starting with a basic margarita or white pie, and then add outstanding toppings like prosciutto, spicy salami, caramelized onions, oven-fired jerk chicken, or fresh Key West pink shrimp. But they’ve got a long list of specialty pizzas to try out, too, along with Italian classics like veal marsala, lasagna, or their catch of the day piccata style. 

Angelina's Pizzeria

208 Duval Street, https://angelinaspizzakeywest.com

Angelina’s specialties are pizza, pasta, subs, and calzones. $4 pizza by the slice, or pick up a whole pie in 14 or 19-inch sizes. It makes the perfect drunk pizza—handy since it’s across from Sloppy Joe’s. They also have ten-inch gluten-free pies, if you’re so inclined. 

Full? Time for Dessert!

La Grignote Honey Cake

Remember, there’s no rule that says you gotta have dessert where you had your pizza. The proper way to top off such a luscious treat is with one of the best Key Lime Pies in Key West.  

Do remember what Mom said about waiting 30 minutes before swimming, though. Those tummy cramps are awful. So, 31 minutes after your Key Lime Pie, call Captain Zak to book your private Key West boat charter, sandbar tour, or snorkeling trip.

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