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Private Water Tours in Key West

Key West Private Water Tours

Nothing is as breathtaking as watching the sunset with your hand intertwined with your loved one and sipping on champagne. Whereas boat cruises were considered an adventure for a select few in the mid-19th Century, private water tours have become an extraordinary way to travel and experience nature. 

For the past few years, boat cruises have garnered relevance in the straits of Florida, particularly in the Key West. From an astounding array of tours, such as the Sandbar boat rental to the snorkeling Trips in Key West, Florida has become the ultimate boat cruise destination not just in the United States but globally. 

When it comes to an authentic boat cruise experience, it doesn’t get better than Casual Monday Charters. The private charter operator offers a range of year-round trips such as Sandbar Tours, Eco Tours, Sunset Tours and private snorkeling tours. Here is a detailed look into the charters offered by Casual Monday Charters.

Sandbar Tours

Arguably the most subscribed of the Key West Sandbar Charters, Sandbar Tours is an eventful trip to the backcountry with impressive scenery. Guests cruise out of town on the fantastic Hydrasport powerboat led by the best in the business, Captain Zak. With the most idyllic Sandbars only accessible by boat, the Sandbar Tours Key West charter might be your best chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

The exotic half-day experience of enjoying a margarita with feet soaked in the turquoise blue seas under the bright afternoon sun lives with you long after you leave Florida. Guests can pick from two trips; one sets off at 9 a.m. and the other between noon and 2 p.m., with the entire trip lasting up to two hours. Guests can combine multiple activities into a single trip, and the boat is also pet friendly.

Private Water Tour In Key West
key west sandbar adventures

Private Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling is a must-do on your visit to Key West. The Florida Keys is your best chance at glimpsing the only living coral in the continental United States, and it is only accessible by taking a boat. And whereas tourists have regrettably opted for the cattle boat experience, Casual Monday offers the best Key West snorkeling tours. Rather than being squeezed onto a boat and risking calming a family argument, opt for a private tour with Captain Zak into nirvana.

One of the perks of settling for small private operators like Casual Monday is their ability to offer privacy and custom itineraries. So, to enjoy a wonderful experience under the sea, you must pick the right operator to take you to the best snorkeling spots with ultimate flexibility.

Eco Tours

Finding a little time to oneself away from the noise in the metropolitan is one of the ways to rejuvenate the mind and soul. The secret to doing so is chartering a boat to the backcountry to glimpse the most breathtaking nature trips in trips in Florida. The Florida Keys present a unique opportunity to experience nature through dolphin sighting, bird watching, and encountering wildlife at the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge.

Guests can pick between the morning or afternoon trip, leading to a string of islands and sandbars in the backcountry. Another plus to choosing Casual Monday is you can schedule multiple activities, such as eco-tour + Key West Sunset cruise or eco tour + snorkeling, among others.

Private Eco Tour
Key West Private Sunset Cruise

Sunset Tours

There aren’t so many breathtaking moments like watching the sunset. The dimming light kissing the beautiful ocean is an experience that evokes starry-eyed emotions in all of us. And one of the best places to get this sensation is the Florida Keys. Call it lucky geography, but Key West has an unobscured sight of the western horizon and your best chance at glimpsing the Green Flash. 

The Green Flash is a rare natural phenomenon when atmospheric conditions occur at sunset, giving you unhindered sight of the horizon. Are you looking for a private getaway with your loved one? Then book this charter which offers multiple sights along the way, such as Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, Sunset Key, Coast Guard and Navy bases.

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