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Private Snorkel Trip Key West

Snorkeling in Key West is a must-do item for the perfect vacation. The Florida Keys are home to the only living coral reef in the continental United States—but it lies offshore and you can only get there by boat.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for a cattle boat experience with a hundred other tourists. Instead of being kicked in the face, listening to that family’s argument, or being squeezed on a boat, take a private snorkeling charter in Key West with Captain Zak and experience the best snorkeling trip Key West has to offer.

The big operators don’t offer privacy or custom itineraries. So when you book a snorkeling trip in Key West, look for a small operator that will take just you out. Casual Mondays offers a private snorkel tour in Key West and will show you the best service and have you traveling in style.

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All About Key West Reef Snorkeling

The best spots to snorkel in Key West are a little offshore. That’s why it’s best to take a snorkeling boat trip to get the best experience. For a snorkeling day trip in Key West, you’ll head out to the reef, don your snorkel and fins, and see what wonders await!
Please note—to enjoy your snorkeling trip in Key West, you must be able to swim in water too deep to stand in.
A few notes about Casual Mondays’ Key West reef snorkel day trip:
• All charters leave from The Perry Hotel and Marina
• Snorkel locations depend on the weather conditions.
• All ages welcome
• We’re pet friendly
• Must be able to swim to enjoy snorkeling

Itinerary — Snorkel Cruise Trips, Key West FL

Your Key West day trip snorkeling adventure departs the marina at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, or 2:00 pm and lasts about four hours. Just let us know what time you prefer, and we will make it happen to fit your schedule.

• Your private snorkel tour in Key West leaves The Perry Hotel and Marina.
• Load up the boat and leave the marina (9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm)
• Head out to snorkel spot (45 min)
• First guided snorkel tour Key West style (30 min)
• Next, we’ll re-board the boat and weigh anchor
• Cruise to the second snorkel spot or sandbar (20 min)
• Snorkel or enjoy a sandbar (30 min)
• Cruise back to the marina (45 min)

While enjoying your snorkeling boat tour of Key West, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, private ride on Casual Monday. The best snorkel trips Key West FL offers are out at the reef and aren’t accessible from the beach. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the snorkel spots. Along the way, you can enjoy being on the water and watching for wildlife.

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You might see dolphins frolicking or fish darting through clear waters. Lucky guests might see a sea turtle moseying along. Some guests like to visit two different snorkeling sites, and some prefer to check out a sandbar for their second stop. Sandbars are great spots to just hang out and relax with your family and friends. We often spot stingrays and fish lurking in the clear, shallow waters.

◦ Captain Zak will choose the best snorkeling site according to that day’s weather conditions.
◦ One popular option is to head up the NW channel to Cotrell Key
◦ In calm weather, Sand Key Lighthouse offers one of the best snorkel tours Key West FL has to offer
◦ Kids love snorkeling at Archer Key. This site offers a variety of marine life, such as lobsters and angelfish.
◦ In addition to single-site stops, Captain Zak can take you to multiple snorkel spots or combine them with a trip to the sandbar
◦ Captain Zak will take you to the best location based on weather or interest in other activities—such as dolphin watching

On the sandbar, you can lounge, wade, snorkel, or float with a refreshing drink. Have fun splashing your kid or watching your dog run free.

Building your own custom itinerary is one of the best parts of having a private snorkel charter in Key West. Let Captain Zak know if you have a special request, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

On the way back to the marina, watch out for more birdlife and marine life. We might spot dolphins or see shorebirds flying overhead.

Here are Just a Few Things
You Might See During a Snorkel Cruise Trip Key West

Before you hop aboard check out our Ultimate Guide to Key West Reef Fish and familiarize yourself with what you might see when you jump into the world of Key West Snorkeling

What To Bring On A Snorkeling Charter in Key West Fl

Here’s a list of a few items you’ll want to make sure you grab before setting off on your Key West snorkel boat charter.
• Hats
• Beach towels
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Sweater or jacket- you’ll feel cooler after snorkeling
• Cameras (make sure they’re waterproof or safely in a secure case!)
• Alcoholic Beverages (BYOB)
• Food or snacks you might want for your trip
• Your kids and fur-kids (Yes, we’re pet-friendly!)

What Not to Bring
• More than five friends (six passengers maximum)
     If you do have more than 5 friends visit our Bareboat Charter Page
• Glass bottles
• Spray On Sunscreen

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What's Included When You Book Snorkel Charters in Key West

What’s on the boat? Here are a few items that Captain Zak keeps the Casual Monday stocked with.

• Beach umbrella
• Lillypad mat (by request)
• Pool noodles
• Cooler
• Ice
• Bottled water
• Bluetooth stereo
• Lifejackets, safety equipment, and first aid kit
• Captain Zak’s extraordinary friendly service and Key West tour
• Snorkel gear for 6 (Due to children’s ever-growing faces, we do not provide children’s snorkel gear at this time.)

A Note From Captain Zak

Snorkeling is one of the most fun things you can do in Key West. Where else in America can you get on a boat, go out to the reef, and see abundant marine life in clear tropical water?
The best part of boating in Key West is expecting the unexpected. Whether that’s a visit from a sea turtle, a school of spotted eagle rays, or a pod of dolphins, there’s always something memorable to see when we’re at sea. I’d love to show you my backyard — the exceptional Florida Keys.
Captain Zak
Swimming with the fishies from the Casual Monday

If you are ready to experience the best snorkeling tour Key West has to offer, contact me, and we’ll set up the perfect itinerary.

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